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Default Re: (Build Log) CrossBone XXL Custom Arcade Stick

Originally Posted by KasuCode View Post
I have no training of any kind and this is only the 2nd stick I’ve ever attempted to make. I guess that’s why I enjoy doing it lol. I have made many speaker boxes and I built all the desks in my room (7 total) Other than that not even a shop class. I do have a mind for building things in my head and drawling them out on paper.

And thanks man
7 desks in your room ? Your room must be bigger than my apartment

About the electronics,are these kits you buy,with wiring schematics,parts etc ?

These build threads are cool,i've worked on guitars for most of my life,privately and professionally but never attempted building one from scratch due to the specialized equipment needed.

You just seem to build whatever the hell you need,impressive
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