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Default Xids in windowed GL apps

This is a oldie but baddie which I've had on my machine for every driver after 100.14. It only affects windowed OpenGL apps (never had an issue with fullscreen) and can be easily provoked by running prboom in fullscreen OpenGL mode, followed by the windowed app once you returned to the desktop. What happens then depends on the app, glxgears for instance is opened in such a way that the GL context's top left corner is the screen's top-left corner, so even the window frame is cut off, and attempting to move this window will cause the freeze and Xids. Apps like gliv or mplayer with vo=gl* will pop up at another position and freeze/Xid immediately. This leads me to believe the real problem is the origin of the GL context, not full screen vs. windowed mode as such; of course I could be completely wrong, however. prboom seems to be one of the apps which provokes this state with 100% certainty -- no ifs, buts or "after a while" here. Run glxgears right after X startup: fine; quit it and run it again: still fine; run prboom, then run glxgears again: mapped to (0,0), don't touch.

I said it's an oldie and I meant it; it was one of the reasons why I avoided upgrading from 100.14 as long as I could, but every driver after that seems to have had that bug on my machine (167.*, 180.*, 190.*), regardless of kernel (2.6.22, 2.6.30, 2.6.32) or Xserver (1.3, 1.6, 1.7) version. I don't think hardware issues are terribly likely either, considering I've had uptimes of way over 100 days with 100.19 and heavy OpenGL use (including windowed GL since gliv was my primary image viewer), and I still can run for months without any hickups, including fullscreen GL apps, as long as I avoid windowed OpenGL. Another thing: while 100.14 cleared the screen nicely to black when a new fullscreen app started, with every newer driver I get random garbage until the app does its first update; maybe this is connected to the problem, maybe it isn't, I just mention it for completeness. On a similar note: I run a very old-fashioned, non-3D window manager (ctwm), in case that makes a difference.

About the attached nvidia-bug-report: when I perused its contents I noticed it had picked up an installer log from WAY back when I initially set up this (Gentoo) machine and installed an Nvidia driver directly, not via portage. So this log is hopelessly out of date and not related to this bug or the machine's current config in any way. Please ignore that part; and let me know if you need any more info.
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