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Originally Posted by Ancient76 View Post
They are purposely locked, and we all know why
They wasn't locked, dx10 effects isn't supported on dx9 cards and cant be enabled. The veryhigh settings however was unappliable from the ingame options menu but could be achieved with minor tweaks. And the VH settings was disabled for dx9 cards for no good reasons, purposely for nvidia to earn money on the new dx10 cards just released along when crysis shipped. A pretty unfair move if you ask me as some of the dx9 cards, when used in SLI or crossfire was just as fast or faster than the new dx10 G80 cards.
Originally Posted by JohnDio View Post
Soft particles were supported in DX9 (with the very high tweaks). Only object based motion blur was not compatible
According to my understanding the soft particles which allows smoke etc to move fluently though objects is a dx10 only effect, just like in bioshock. Do you have any source for your statement?
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