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Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
According to my understanding the soft particles which allows smoke etc to move fluently though objects is a dx10 only effect, just like in bioshock. Do you have any source for your statement?
Even COD2 had soft particles (and FEAR2 and some other games that are DX9 only but can't remember them right now)

You can notice the soft particles in my previous Crysis shots if you search the screenshot thread (don't want to flood this thread with Crysis shots). Furthermore: (pay attention that soft particles are disabled ONLY if you select LOW settings)

■Low: Aside from even less richness in particle effects, soft particles are disabled, meaning that particle effects such as smoke will show unrealistic hard edges where they meet solid objects.

Generally speaking, it's easy to witness the soft particles in Crysis. Run it in DX9 with high Particles and throw a grenade to see them. The funny thing is that if you search the net, you will find a lot of guys that know sh!t. Some even call the ocean waves a DX10 feature, which is not (you can enable ocean waves, wind physics, soft particles and sun rays through the CVar's. Only object motion blur has bugs when enabled, thus it is recommended to have it disabled)


Here are two screenies from DX9. You can easily notice the soft particles

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