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Default Re: Replaced my 5870 with a 480. WTF LOAD TIMES?

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
I don't have to anymore!! Last week I picked up a Viewsonic vm2265wm 120hz LCD!!! no more vsync for me guys I don't like vsync for two reasons... limiting my framerate and the input lag there is with vsync enabled. Seriously, if you don't want tearing anymore the 120Hz monitors are awesome.

In COD MW2 there HD5870 would provide constant 88/89 fps the MP cap in that game but it was nice and smooth with or without vsync. The GTX 480 was also giving me the same FPS but it wasn't smooth without vsync enabled. With the new monitor I can disable vsync with the GTX 480 and its really smooth. Its almost like there some additionaly buffering happening with the ATI card that makes the HD5870 feel smoother than the nvidia cards without vsync enabled.

My stutter with BF BC2 was also solved with the 120hz LCD. Again for some reason without vsync the GTX 480 just felt choppy without vsync enabled. But the input lag was killing me to have it on. I'm now running without vsync using the GTX 480 @ DX11, 1680x1050 32xCSAA, 16AF, everything on highest, hbao off and I was getting 100 - 150 FPS last night online. The GTX 480 was always faster than the HD5870 when I'd benchmark it but for some reason the perception of it wasn't. If you've ever used any of the GX2 cards it was very similar to those. They benchmarked great but often felt choppy without vsync enabled.

My theory on this now was that its just the way nvidias drivers work when vsync is disabled. The new monitor has solved this problem for me though and everything feels smooth without having to limit my fps with vsync and deal with the input lag.
The 120Hz monitor might be the reason why Battlefield Bad Company is super smooth for me.
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