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Default XBMC and VDPAU problems

First of all, I dont know if this is a problem with the nvidia driver or XBMC code. I will state my problem then someone can judge

I have an Asus AT3N7A-I mobo with ION chip on it. Using nvidia driver from debian squeeze repo.

using mplayer and ffmpeg i can play hd and non-hd respectivly using a commandline like this:

mplayer -vo vdpau, -vc ffh264vdpau,ffvc1vdpau, ...

This results in that supported streams get HW-acced and xvid and the likes gets software decoded and output through x11. I take this as VDPAU in it self works on the platform.

Now, using XBMC and the "auto" option for video-render hd-content works fine! However non-supported content makes XBMC crash.

In the logs it shows that somehow VDPAU gets used, even tho the stream isnt supported.

What i dont know is that if the driver thinks the card can handle something it cant, or that xbmc just does the check wrong to determine the renderer to use?

How can I tell this?

What logfiles do you want to look at? What information can I produce to make this all more clear?

Here is a thread over at the xbmc-forum

Hope this can be resolved, dont really care whose problem it is, well it is mine

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