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Default Re: Strange fan problem with GTX 470...

Over on the EVGA boards, we seem to have come to a consensus. It is either Afterburner or Precision in conjunction with another program like E-Leet or GPU-Z. Example...I have Afterburner 1.6 final running in the background. I opened E-Leet to get some information to share with someone else on the board and after a minute or so...I noticed my fan got I looked in my system tray and fan speed was at 86% while my GPU temp was 44. I have not had the fan ramp up like that before (was using a hacked version of Rivatuner so it would recognize my GTX 470)....nor have I heard it since. There may be a correlation with all of this, because the programs are all written by Unwinder. Perhaps there is a .dll conflict or the like causing the spikes. I have spent hours last night trying to trip up my trying to overheat it, etc. The bios will not allow the temp of my card to reach over 85C at any time...because, even without the fan control of AB, Prec, or RT...the card cares for itself...and believe's not cool here in Texas right now...upper 90's outside.
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