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Originally posted by Sazar
are you going to post any short avi's like mike did to show mipmap transition ? ie to show boundaries.. or lack thereof... in in-game situations ?
Several things about that:

1) time consuming
2) too much bandwidth to host video files
3) which games to test; will people complain about games selected?

I myself do not really see any mipmap banding due to brilinear filtering. Or rather, I see "something," but I'm not really sure if it is mipmap banding or not. If it is mipmap banding it is very faint. Brilinear filtering definitely does lead to poorer mipmap transitions, though.

Of course it all depends on your eyes, and your brain. Some people are not very observant. Some people are very observant. Most people aren't too observant. I am willing to concede that the great majority of people will not notice a difference between trilinear and brilinear, but that doesn't matter to me, since I can see a difference.
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