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Default Re: (Build Log) CrossBone XXL Custom Arcade Stick

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
If i was to indulge in such a project would it be worth my while in purchasing a custom PCB something like the I-PAC USB 2 with 32 inputs (i dont have a spare joypad to hand) ?

Also i too would be using Sanwa JLF stick with octigate and Sanwa OBSN 30's as they are probably the best for Streetfighter or so i have read. I would sooner spend around 150 quid on doing this myself with quality parts than 100 quid for a crappy stick with bad parts from a shop.
Im not familure with the I-pac This chip is the ChImp and its designed to work with the ps3 and pc also include pins for hooking up an xbox controller and auto detect switches consoles on a single USB cable. Its designed for no lag for the best gameplay possible on a stick. It reports less lag then a sixaxis controller.

just the internals alone cost me over 170USD

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
this is so cool!...

does it work if u plug it to a pc as well?
this stick will work with PS3 PC and 360 it will auto detect what its hooked up to and work without any switches on 1 USB cable.

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
You should sell those things Kasu.
Thats the idea

Thanks guys there is still much more to do to this stick before its finished.

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