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Default Re: Microsoft partners with Crytek for 360 exclusive

Originally Posted by NaitoSan View Post
Why? They have Crysis 2 heading to PC and is going to be superior version. Also those are the ones (well, not all) who didn't support Crytek with first Crysis or even Warhead. It didn't sell as much as it should so they should at least understand Crytek's going multi-platform to keep business going.
Okay, first off the original Crysis sold well, it just didn't make the PC gaming scene boom to millions of hardcore users, which is crazily enough what Crytek expected.

Second, I am not complaining about multiplatform development, only exclusives.

Third, multiplatform development does have negatives, like not taking advantage of PC abilities or being focused on a more mainstream audience.

Fourth, people are always going to be unhappy when you show them something and then say "you can't have it." For PC-only gamers, that is something console exclusives are doing. It's not always as simple as saying "well buy an Xbox" because unlike Xbox versus PS3, the platforms are so different it really is a culture-shift.

Lastly, again, we do not know this is exclusive for reals.
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