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Default Re: Microsoft partners with Crytek for 360 exclusive

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Okay, first off the original Crysis sold well, it just didn't make the PC gaming scene boom to millions of hardcore users, which is crazily enough what Crytek expected.

Second, I am not complaining about multiplatform development, only exclusives.

Third, multiplatform development does have negatives, like not taking advantage of PC abilities or being focused on a more mainstream audience.

Fourth, people are always going to be unhappy when you show them something and then say "you can't have it." For PC-only gamers, that is something console exclusives are doing. It's not always as simple as saying "well buy an Xbox" because unlike Xbox versus PS3, the platforms are so different it really is a culture-shift.

Lastly, again, we do not know this is exclusive for reals.
Crysis sold very poor on launch and in overtime it sold over 1 million. Crytek was hoping to sell more due to huge hype about it with incredible graphics, and all that hardcore gamers been asking for. But the end result? Most of them complained it ran so slow and all that crap. Okay, so what do exactly do they want? Crytek made game for them and then they complained.

AND it was a PC exclusive. XBOX 360 or PS3 will never see it on their console ever. We were okay with that. Maybe some were disappointed but that's pretty much. We didn't see any complains on this board about it. We had our own exclusives so I think it's fair to have exclusives for different platforms like PC. PS3 does too. Why can't XBOX 360 have some (they really do need some actually). If the idea of exclusives are out, one console's going to die while other console with better port will continue to live. PC will still going and then there'll be less competition going on. Exclusives can be good and helps keep their consoles or PC alive. Also some developers like exclusives because usually they get paid more in advance or get funded for their projects.

Multi-platform development do have some negatives but not every PC gaming is hardcore like you guys with uber rig, high end gpu, whatever. You'll be surprised there's still so many people with low to med end rig, some with onboard gpu and can't run games at highest setting. There's small scale of gamers who are hardcore so the fault isn't always on consoles. Other developers actually put attempt to create superior ports for PC like GTAIV, GoW1, Assassin Creed, Halo 2, and few others with higher resolution textures, new graphical features and new contents... but as usual, people still complain or doesn't sell well. It's hard.
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