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Default Re: Microsoft partners with Crytek for 360 exclusive

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Very few people do not understand the business reasons at work... I don't see how understanding that means you aren't pissed about losing a game or developer however.
Exactly. The excuse is 'it's business' but gamers' expect game houses to give them games and exclusivity is a bad thing for gamers.

If you happen to have that platform them great but exclusive games are only good for making lots of money, that's no good for the gamers. Do gamers get a better game by exclusiveness? No. Do gamers get it cheaper? No. Do gamers benefit from there being a big EA or Microsoft logo on their game? No.

Personally, I cannot think of one good reason why exclusive deals are good for gamers because that's what it should be all about.
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