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Default Re: Microsoft partners with Crytek for 360 exclusive

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
that is different, xbox 360 was defective by design, yet people kept buying new one even if they already had few broken units in past.

would you keep buying same car if you had same models in past and all 3 would break down because of snapped axe?
Oh please,ofc i would if the car was fun to drive and didn't force me to upgrade every year just to make it competetive and to get me were i wanted to go without slowing down to a crawl when the traffic became congested.If the manufacturer replaced it if it broke down AND paid for the shipping back and forth i'd be a moron if i didn't (or someone on a dumbass vendetta against the manufacturer and calling the car gearbox of death )

Get real nekro,like pony said,i play the games i like,the games i want to on any format i want.I had my 360 for 3 years,it broke down once and ms replaced it within a week and it didn't cost me a dime.Sure,they ****ed up the cooling but i'd have to call you a lying polack if you claimed they didn't do good on their warranty many times over by now.
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