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Default Re: Microsoft partners with Crytek for 360 exclusive

Originally Posted by Nitz Walsh View Post
"Whining" about exclusives?

Yes, just buy a 360. And a PS3. And a Wii.

Great solution. Sure, you're out close to $1000 - and this is with todays prices, god forbid you bought them near launch.

That about as "rational" as shrugging your shoulders if a game required an ATI or Nvidia board, it could only run that exclusive game and no others, and it would only do in a lower resolution and worse framerate than any of your other games.

Yes, it's the console business. But it's hardly "irrational" for PC gamers to not like it. It's a false economy - MS and Sony have to get back those billions they've lost on their latest attempts to control the living room, so they nickel and time you to death and lock away content. It's perfectly reasonable to not want this as a PC gamer, especially when the hardware you already own could very likely play the same game with far better aesthetics and performance.

Oh, my 360 bit the dust recently. Since it's not a RROD though and beyond 1 year, no warranty coverage. Wee, proprietary hardware for the win once again.
As if PC gamers (myself included) is not used to paying big bucks to continue gaming,i could have gotten 2 consoles for the price i paid for the 8800 gtx i got at launch.For me though thats beside the point,i like the casual aspect of console gaming and i like the ease of it,i don't have to sit at my desk to play it.Theyre different in so many ways theyre hard to compare,more how theyre used than content perhaps.I however love both.
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