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Default Re: Microsoft partners with Crytek for 360 exclusive

I don't want to play every game ever... I find it amusing when people are like "OMG what if Red Dead Redemption never comes to PC? How can you pass it up?" It's easy, I will play something else. I don't have the freaking time to play all the PC games I buy, let alone adding the 360 and PS3 catalogs on top of that... I would never finish any game ever.

This idea that it makes me irrational or a fanboy to stick to my preferred platform is dumb as hell. Magus told me once "I'm not a PC gamer, I am a gamer, so I play on all platforms." Well good for you buddy, but I don't have the time... that's what it comes down to, and if I am going to limit myself to one or two platforms you bet your ass the PC is the main one.
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