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Post 3 New Rugged GPGPU products from GE

GE has introduced three new rugged computing products featuring integrated GPGPU technology using NVIDIA CUDA-capable GPUs. The first is the IPN250 Rugged 6U OpenVPX Single Board Computer (SBC). The second is the 6U OpenVPX NPN240 multi-processor.The NPN240 features two NVIDIA® CUDA-capable GT240 96-core GPUs, enabling it to deliver up to 750 GFLOP/S peak per card slot (depending on the application). Multiple NPN240s can be linked to one or more hosts to create multi-node CUDA GPU clusters capable of thousands of GFLOP/S. The third is the OpenVPX-compatible GRA111 high performance graphics board, which is the first rugged implementation of a CUDA-capable GPU.

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