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Default Re: Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Originally Posted by JohnDio View Post
Enable AFR2 for this game from the Control Panel which enables SLI. There isn't any SLI profile for this game yet in the drivers . I have minimum 44fps at 1600x1200 + 4xAA + Max settings from the config file. I'm sure with proper SLI support we'll get constant 60fps but untill then, go for AFR2!
sorry i should have mentioned i'm only running one gpu at the moment, however i got my 3d clocks back. doesnt run to bad for a beta. min35 fps average 45 and a high of 55-60.

4xAA 16xAF
max ingame settings.

kinda of a neat game. im playing on easy and i find it hard as hell! DX9 only though ... atleast i dont see a DX10 setting. however, it looks good for a DX9 game.
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