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Default Re: (VDPAU?) noise on screen.

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
> > crisalide, I see the following in your kernel log:
> > ...
> > I assume these XID messages also appear right when you make a VDPAU window
> > full-screen?
> No.

That's odd. Are you able to tell when those XID message do occur? There's certainly some driver or HW problem there...
Really dunno, no such messages after 4d 9h 24m uptime.

When I asked about the "fullscreen method", I meant what key-/button-presses in the application.
Double-click on video toggles fullscreen. Or Ctrl+Shift+F.
When the bug is going to happen, the window goes fullscreen, screen freezes for some seconds showing the previous outputsurface in top-left and the remaining area contains black and white dots, so i know (from experience that the bug is going to show immediately. I can't say for sure, but i think it happened with others gpu as well. (Yes, i'm pretty sure now, since i received the gt220 in january and i've surely seen the bug before)
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