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Default Re: Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
I am trying it on the hardest difficulty, but let me say the AI is terrible in the sense that they can see you really easily. I am behind a large plant in prawn mode with a gully suit on and in some tall grass and not moving and yet they can see me from about 40-50' as if I was standing there in a neon shirt. The check point I am at feels even more exposed yet they are walking past me as if I am invisible. There doesn't seem to be any indicator on if you are visible so it's just a guessing game as to if you are properly in cover. I'll give it a try on an easier difficulty, but so far it is a very poor excuse for a sniper game IMO.
There is an indicator (a bar actually) next to the icon that shows if you are crouching/kneeling/walking
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