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Default Re: Medal of Honor Multiplayer vid

Originally Posted by Blade View Post
What a F@rkin rip off!

Nvm MW2 Looks way too much like BFBC2!!!!!!!!!!!! Its BFBC2.5!

I know it's the frostbite blah blah same dev blah but come on.

Nothing new to see here, move along.
Thats quite an asumption considering you probably havent even seen singleplayer yet, that runs a different engine and has a different developer working on it than there is on multiplayer!

MW2 sold millions isn't it obvious a lot of developers will go with that style with modern day style fps games? Besides that, DICE are pretty awesome in there own ways too....So BFBC2 and MW2, the most played FPS games today that are very different to play....yet we see the multiplayer side of MoH pull off a combination of both....Not bad looking forward to it and looks like it can definately be very good in its own right.
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