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Default Re: Medal of Honor Multiplayer vid

Originally Posted by GullyFoyle View Post
I'm thinking that single player is what they spent "the last three years" (Riccatello in E3 speech) focusing their attention on. There must be something here they think is worthing raising the price bar for. From what I have read so far, the multiplayer has KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) written all over it. Something DICE threw together quickly in a couple of months using code and assets they already had. There is nothing groundbreaking going on here, AFAIK. Not what you would expect from a company putting their full effort behind a "Teir 1" title.

I fell that BFBC2 borrowed more inspiration from COD:W@W than anything else. It makes sense for them to "bump it up" with this iteration.

In the article here and interview here, it sure sounds to me like Kill Streak bonuses are at work.

I hate them too, because they give bonuses to the people that have proven they don't need them. Unbalanced to the extreme.
oh for the love of god! PLEASE no kill streaks!!! arrggg

edit: seems your links are broken, atleast for me they don't work ...
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