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Default Re: New Crysis 2 night pictures + 2 wallpapers!

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
You do mean on a console right ? I also remember the 'ingame' video from Crysis 1 and how it looked nothing like ingame when it was released....Ill save my judgement untill i can actualy play it.
That one is rendered on a PC i think, but it's absolutely in-engine. The dx9-dx10 tech trailer was from a closed combine map, very small with a edited ToD and pre-alpha assets etc. U can get even better graphics than that in crysis now. But i agree, the ToD needed some work in the vanilla version of crysis. But that doesn't make the graphics worse, it's just different shadow, lighting and color setting. And that tech trailer was most likely rendered in higher res then downsampled. Like crytek often do their trailers to reduce aliasing and shimmering, thats why it looked better. With the correct ToD and supersampling u can make crysis look like that easily.

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
The only thing that makes me cry, is that I am going to have to plunk down another $600 for a video card to run this. My existing 8800 was purchased for crysis...paid $600 for evga's overclocked model.
Crysis 2 runs easier than crysis 1. Also, crysis 2 runs fine on a geforce 9800gtx according to a person i know who actually work on crysis 2 as level artist. His name is Helder Pinto, was the winner of a map contest on . I was helping him with beta testing of his map and we became friends so yes, the source is secure.
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