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Default Re: VDPAU 9400GT MPEG2 artifacts

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
ION isn't VDPAU feature set A, and so won't be affected by the problems discussed in this thread.
Darn. I have about the same symptoms. mplayer and mythtv with VDPAU produce lots of blocky artifacts on mpeg-2 recordings, but software decoders don't. I know there is some corruption in the stream, was hoping this was the problem because VDPAU looks so much worse than a software decoder on the same clips. It looks just like:

Any ideas on what I should look into next? I went ahead and installed a beta driver 256 driver anyway.

From the rest of that thread (I believe the ION is feature set B, correct) it looks like I'm just out of luck other than trying to get cleaner mpeg-2 files.
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