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Default Re: Replaced my 5870 with a 480. WTF LOAD TIMES?

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
It sounds like you need medication. No, there was no problem with MW2 and the HD5870, nice try though. Yes, limiting fps with vsync is stupid I want to game with vsync off.
Dude, we have your post history. There is no need to keep lying about it.

This was your first post:

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
I've been having problems with this hitch in some games with the GTX 480. I've mentioned it a few times around here. Tonight I installed COD 4 and tried some MP. it was to be quite honest awful. Hitching all over the place. Took off all overclocks, disabled NIC, sound, etc. No matter what COD4 MP suffers from really bad hitching with GTX 480. I'm getting to the end of my patience with this card. Its really starting to remind me of my 9800 GX2. Anyone else playing COD4 anymore? If you are let me know what you think of the GTX 480 with it. My 280 GTX and HD5870 ran it great.

RESOLVED Punkbuster heart beat causing the hitch. No fix currently.

See where you said it ran great on your 280 and later 5870?

This is later in the same thread when I said something about it:

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Well the punkbuster issue with COD4 is a documented problem. Everyone has it. As long as you have PB enabled and are on a PB server - or start your own, you will have the stutter for about the first minute. Its not a question of if you have do, its more a question of how many people notice it..

So either you lied about not having the issue on the 5870, or you lied about it being a documented issue that EVERYONE has.

Which is it?

And after looking at the BFBC2 thread, you might need to rethink who needs the medication there smart guy.
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