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Default Re: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) by Criterion Games Announced (PC, PS3, RROD_Bo

Originally Posted by v3rninater View Post
Only problem I had with the video, there is NO way in HELL a veyron would get beat by a reventon. Even if the reventon had twin turbos, that would still be super close. But again, it's not a sim it's arcade fun!

I love cars too, and boy did the graphics look yummy, whew!
The Veyron they're using in the Hot Pursuit (2010) is the 16/4. It doesn't have the same power/speed of the original Veyron. It has the W16 engine and 4 turbos, but not the power. It's a special (ie: crippled) version they're making for Police services in Europe.
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