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Exclamation 3-WAY SLI why disable physx???

hi to all im goona to buy 3 GTX 480 to turn on 3-WAY SLI GTX480 ZOTAC but im see some think in the net in benchmarks in the web that all test enable 3-WAY SLI they disable the PHYSX option?why?
the 3 GPU work to gather in graphics and physx mean 3GPU for GRAPHICS & 3PPU FOR PHYSX or not?
or the disabling the physx in 3-WAY SLI that mean no physx availble for games just 3-GPU for graphics and no physx?
if i enabling the physx in 3-WAY SLI may be that mean the 2GPU work for graphics and the
3rd card work to physx that mean two way sli no 3-WAY SLI in that case mean
((no 3GPU AND 3PPU)). plz plz plz i wanna to understand the theoryof 3-WAY SLI WITH PHYSX enabling.
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