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Default Re: Nehrim - At Fate's Edge (TESIV: Oblivion Total Conversion)

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post

Oblivion had one of the worst stories ever told, gonig from gate to gate, you could finish the game in 5-8 hours, for an RPG that is pathetic. Some might say but there was other side missions to do, fine there were but... world is falling apart; oblivion gates are opening, but wait I do a side mission, i will look for your post potatoes.
Like a lot of games in fact. Who plays the main story anyway? Fallout 3's main story was short as well and it's not about the main story. The side missions are where all the fun is to be had, the same as GTA as well.

Closing the gates was only part of the main story but at least each gate was different in layout.
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