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Post Introducing the First Release 256 WHQL-Certified Driver

Today we released the first WHQL-certified driver from our new Release 256* family of drivers. Itold youabout the many new features and performance upgradesin Release 256 drivers back in May, when we released the beta version. In today's release, we're also including a great new feature that adds support for 3D Vision Streaming with Silverlight. This capability now allows us to deliver 3D video over the web directly to your web browser. Stay tuned fordetails on upcoming3D Vision streaming events and websites. The new WHQL-certified version 257.21 can be downloaded here. This driver supports GeForce and ION desktop PCs as well as NVIDIA notebook PCs running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, including those with NVIDIA Optimus technology.

Our next Release 256 driver is planned for the end of this month and will support NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround technology!

* The Release 256 family of drivers will be released with version numbers from 256.xx to 259.xx.

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