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Default Re: internal 802.11n cards for notebooks?

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
just thought I'd bump this up and say that the 5300 intel adaptor kicks up an error message when booting up the machine. It doesn't post but rather says "unsupported internal network adaptor detected. please remove and reboot system"

Oh well. I ended up just getting one of these this weekend and it works great.
yap seen that before, that means that your notebook has a bios that will only support what ever adapter your OEM company decides will work with it.

each laptop has 2 or 3 supported models, and depending on laptop manufacture other adaters will either work fully, work fine, but stuff like wi-fi locator or wi-fi switch won't work, or in your case bios just throws a stupid error message.

in this case any internal adapter you would buy would not work. unless specifically supported (would have to check OEMs parts page to see what is supported)
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