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Default Re: "Buffer overrun" with Call of Duty 1 United Offensive on Ubuntu Lucid with 195.36

Installing any versions is easy - just d/l the installer from nvidia's site and run it. Make sure you uninstalled everything nvidia related packages before.

The gcc problem is also easy to circumvent - just install the gcc version required then replace the /usr/bin/gcc link with the version you want.

You have gcc-4.4 as default (latest version now), but the kernel was compiled with 4.3 (Debian kernels). Install the gcc version required by the installer:

sudo aptitude install gcc-4.3


sudo rm /usr/bin/gcc

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-4.3 /usr/bin/gcc

Dont worry the /usr/bin/gcc is only a link to the default system-wide gcc version.
The real executables are /usr/bin/gcc-4.4 or /usr/bin/gcc-4.3 depending on the version.

Thats it. Run the nvidia installer. Make sure gdm or x is not running.
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