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Default Re: Medal of Honor Multiplayer vid

The game is like bad company 2 with modern warfare 2 scoring. Seems to feature a lot of very fast mortar strikes and I find the sound exaggerated even more than BC2. Everything sounds like it has insane amount of bass in it.

There is practically no destruction in this game either, a few obvious rocks crumble and trees fall but I really have to wonder why bother using the engine if you are taking out 50% of the great features? Although my early reports would be that it does have decent netcode even when I play on German servers.

Lots of bugs and unpolished stuff. Ragdolls are crap, they frequently get stuck and even get the crazy jitters after the player dies. BC2 doesn't have bad ragdolls like this.

The deathmatch map is a cluster**** and so uninteresting even compared to MW2. This might also be related to the fact that I have no unlocks yet or something. The other mode is basically BC2 rush mode with maps that have WORSE chokepoints than BC2 rush (oh god). Seriously one match was 5 defense (me) versus 7 offense and we completely dominated and they all left. :P

Also nice to note that trying to text chat in game will lock your position and the only way to escape is to get killed. I know this is beta, but the game is pretty sloppy at this point. From a gameplay perspective its nothing special, at least it has dedicated servers even though the browser seems to disconnect me everytime I refresh the damn list

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