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Post WeeklyTube Issue 38: PhysX video overview

Off-Road Drive Official Trailer by therealautogaming

New game in off-road series from 1C-Avalon. Previous titles were based on Chrome engine and ODE physics, this one ' on Unreal Engine 3 and PhysX SDK.

Can a 6 core CPU run PhysX? by Containforum

Last FluidMark 1.2 running on Phenom II X6 CPU in multi-core PhysX mode.

UDK ' 50,000 barrels mass physics by erikrass

Mass physics simulation in UDK ' now even more massive !

Supersonic Sled-FAIL LMAO! by joytech23

One unfortunate ride in Supersonic Sled techdemo.

PhysX destruction by bubisi

Simple dynamic destruction, based on PhysX SDK.

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