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Default Stumped: X immediatly hard locks at Splash screen

Ok, I have tried everything I can think of.

The problem is that X will start just fine, not a single WW or EE in the logs, but the system hard locks as soon as the Nvidia logo shows up. That is if I am using the nvidia driver. I get the same lockup with the nv driver, only without the splash screen, (of course). Oh, and the system is running Debain.

By lock I mean this. No led changes when I press caps lock, unable to ctrl-alt-F1 to get back to virtual terminal, ctrl-alt-del does nothing, power button does not call acpi shutdown, and the box no longer pings.

This same config was working on my old motherboard (via chipset) and a GF2 mx AGP card. I upgraded to Abit's NF7-m, with onboard GF4, and began having this issue.

I am 100% sure my XF86Config-4 is ok. Since it has not changed from the one that worked with the old board. Just in case I re-wrote it from scratch.

It is not a broken onboard card. For one the card works fine under Win2k and I get the same lock using my old card in the AGP slot. Using either driver.

I am using a hand compiled linux-2.4.22 kernel that does have MTTR, Nvidia AGP and Nvidia ATA enabled. I have recompiled it from scratch twice now. I also have nvnet and nvaudio installed from the nforce package although I dont think that matters.

I have uninstalled, using the installer, the nvidia graphics module and re installed it many times now. So the module is not to blame.

Finally, this weekend I did a complete re-install of debian from an install disk and have done a full dist-upgrade to the sid distro. I dont think this is an issue with some other config for X11, since the only non-default file is XF86Config-4.

Can anyone think of somethign to try or something I have missed? I will post my startx log when I get back to the machine tonight.

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