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Default Re: Rage: E3 Walkthrough Video

Well... I think probably none of us have seen either crysis 2 or RAGE in person running on the consoles to say what's what but it's nice to know that the developers are actually getting this quality of graphics out of consoles. I think GOW3 was the first major breakthrough as far as console graphics go.

Killzone was nice, Halo reach looks impressive, red dead looked good as well as uncharted 2, etc.. it's just nice to see that the consoles, despite the immeditate negative attitude towards them, aren't the graphical slouches that they've come to be seen as.

Oh and then there's gran tourismo 5 which also looked unreal.

the main thing I'm hoping that we get out of rage though is a good game rather than just a tech demo of the engine that will later be applied to better games. So far that's what we've seen from both carmack and cliffyB.
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