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Default Re: Medal of Honor Multiplayer vid

oh god...its HORRIBLE!

Server browser is choking up so bad it times out and keeps trying to log me back in.

I played for about 30 - 40 mins.

The guns have 0 recoil, its worse than MW2 where assault rilfes are snipers.

Game seems to be using DX10 or 11, could be 11 by default (Fraps black box). Frame rate is 60+. The FoV looks like its similar to MW2 ( I am hoping their is a cfg to edit this ).

Graphic looks meh...the character models are very poor, but i think it could be due to beta.

The engine runs fine, but overall its pretty **** game.

The points you get for killing people get really annoying as it just flashes all over your screen like an arcade game.

Their is no recoil , so anyone can just aim and hold down fire button and have all bullets hit the target.

Speaking of hit takes way too many bullets to kill someone since all of them hit the target and the hit marker does it's X thing about 20 times before someone dies -.-.

It's a terrible terrible PC FPS game.

I think the target audience for this game is the casual console gamer.
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