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Default Debian Squeeze X crashes with nvidia drivers

So, this is my last chance i guess, that my problems could ever be fixed.

Every time i do a coldboot the x-server crashes, after a reboot everythings fine. Tried with nouveau and proprietary nvidia(with kernel cmdline nouveau.modeset=0 and blacklisted nouveau). Free "nv" driver works without problems.

inxi -G:
Graphics:  Card nVidia G84 [GeForce 8600 GT] tty res: 271x69 Gfx Data: N/A for root user
System:    Host home-of-squeeze Kernel 2.6.32-5-686 i686 (32 bit) Distro Debian GNU/Linux squeeze/sid
Tried with: (installed now)
nvidia-kernel-dkms (with and without sgfxi)

For what i have tried so far and to see the logs please ping to

Any help would be very appreciated!!!

Attached bug report after error occured.

[SORRY for the indescriptive title, i didn't read the READMEFIRST, before i posted!]
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