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Default Re: ** Official Medal of Honor ~Beta~ Thread **

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Well they're making it more like MW2, right? And MW2 sold several million copies on PC and is played by more people every day then the 4-6 below it combined on steam stats.

So... PC gamers must like that style too.
Its not that they like the style it is because they dont have many other options. PC games today are unfortunately getting more and more like console games on every release, as PC gamers this is something we are gonna have to accept.
I'm a little gutted reading some of these coments as from what ive seen on vids etc it does look quite good and i wanted it to work because its MoH and was a massive fan of the original.

Oh well...still got Bulletstorm, Brink, Rage, Crysis 2 and CoD: Black op's along with a few others that im pretty keen to play.
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