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Default Mac card, Linux drivers, and upgrades


I'm buying a new card soon as I'm part of the beta team for a new high-end CG software. I use Mac hardware so I will be installing Linux (probably Kubuntu) on my Intel Mac, since that OS is supported by the software.

I wanted to make sure that there would be the appropriate driver support since I'm getting a card made for the Mac. Right now I use a Geforce 880 GT which seems to work fine in Mac, Windows 7, and Linux Mint. This card is not powerful enough to run the software.

The card I was looking at was the GeForce GTX 285 for Mac with 1GB VRAM. The only other choice would be the Mac Quadro card which is over $1,000 more. Are either of these cards supported in Kubuntu?

I also wanted to know if NVidia has an upgrade policy if I want to trade-in the GTX for a Quadro in the near future if I find that the GTX does not perform as needed.

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