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Default Re: ** Official Medal of Honor ~Beta~ Thread **

I like the shooting mechanics themselves and I love the maps. This is fine, however the beta proves to be what I'd thought it would be, Basically a BFC2 copy in a different wrapper. Dice has chosen to keep that lunky running style as you sprint and annoying grenade throwing right along with the grenade launcher that doesent have the right arc to it. You never know where that things gonna hit. Like I mentioned previously I love the the shooting mechanics of the guns, greatly improved from BFC2.
I really wish the gaming industry would quit giving us the same crap in a different wrapper.
Here EA had a great chance to revitalize the franchise and jump into the modern war scene like everyone else is doing and DICE is a credit to that endeavor.
Seriously though, lets get innovative and do some unique things. You want a real game that will dethrone COD. Lets take the heavy BFC2 overtones out of it and get crazy with this thing. Man we'd love to have a cover system next to objects, doorways, windows etc like RAINBOW 6 or GEARS of WAR. Right along with blindfire capabilities, grenades that can be thrown like in COD as well as better trajectory with the grenade launchers.
I also hate the lobby and party systems utilized as in BFC2. I would love to be able to hear everyone in the party or the ability to mute at my discretion. None of this 4 people in your squad crap but theres room for more players on the team so you cant communicate when more of your friends join in.
Love the fact vehicles are a part of the game. Hopefully there will be some light assault vehicles as well. Also to be noted, Hopefully you will offer a more varied assortment of game modes, capture the flag for one would be a nice addition to the game.
Kill streaks are very envogue now a days you may wanna look at that as well.
Right now the way this game is right now, I just cant see myself buying a BFC2 replica again.
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