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Default Re: Has ANYONE bought a GTX 465? Am I the only one here with one?

I thought the price should have been around $200 since you can get a HD5850 for around $289.It would have the power if they could run around 800 to 850 on the core and stay cool.I just don't think the GTX 400 series is going to make good lower end cards when a GTX 285 is just as fast .Not until they can put it on a smaller die and make it run cooler and use less power.It is no doubt that the GTX 480 is a fast card but it would have been so much faster if it could have came out with it's full 512 shaders and not take so much power to run them and if they were clock at 800.I like nvidia cards ,but I just can't see selling my HD 5870's to go with them for the extra power at the cost of heat and power and noise.I am sure they are working on something new and be better next time around.If that happens I will be right back with them.
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