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Finished my third playthrough now as a veteran and again had a different ending.

This time i chose Sie as my handler last mission,i convinced Parker to help me instead of him trying to kill me with turrents while i had to defuse bombs, i now had to defend him while he secured evidence.I did NOT save Mina,this time since i didn't have to kill Parker i had to fight Westridge where i the 2 previous ones fought Leland. Westridge told me that Mina was in on it and led me on (this game has more twists than a slalom course) I then confronted Leland and Scarlet showed up and shot me,she then killed leland and i left the island alone on the Boat.This ending surprised me though because the second playthrough i had Heck as the handler and he then was on the boat with me .First time i saved Mina,had Sie as the handler (Sie's sexscene was included),killed parker,didn't have a Westridge confrontation and left the island with Mina.I'm sure there's a lot more twists to be had but 3 times is enough for me.

Some things are annoying with the outcome of a conversation being the same regardless of wich options you choose,When you intercept and kill the guy with the USB stick in the taipei subway you have to choose between evidence regarding the asassination or the riots.
Then whataver conversation option you choose you cannot convince Sung to cancel his appearance,there's others similar to this and that made the whole conversations feel redundant when you still cannot affect the outcome.

All in all i enjoyed it a lot,it's still a ugly mothe****er though
It really pays off when they hire real pro's for the voice acting,that part was exceptional in this game and checking the Alpha Protocol cast on imdb you see that most of the voice actors have pretty extensive experience.I'm playing heavy Rain on the PS3 now and compared to AP the voice acting is subpar in that game.
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