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Default Re: 100% CPU usage on geforce 9600M GS

Attached nvidia-bug-report, but it doesn't contain informations about bug itself because I've run it while ago and rebooted computer since the crash. I didn't try finish command and I don't know if it locks exactly at that point, but for sure some subset of calls is executed in a loop. I'm experiencing often such hangs that screen is frozen - sometimes with cursor sometimes without, and after minute return to responsible state. This time I waited about 20 minutes, then forced kdm restart.

Is the 1.47 GB normal data transfer between CPU and GPU? It's qute big for me and my GPU doesn't have such ammount of RAM. During the crash I had desktop effects in KDE enabled although didn't have any graphic intensive programs enabled: Chromium with ~20 tabs, firefox with 5 tabs, VirtualBox, IM, and Amarok. I'm only guesing but this crash could be causes by simultaneous screen updates in different regions - e.g Amarok OSD saying about new song, IM about new message and some internal KDE notification. While not using one of them, I'm experiencing fewer crashes.
Also long playing some flash powered web content (especially fullscreen) causes flickering or hangs(not adobe plugin but whole X or kernel)
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