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If you owned a HD5870 and went to a GTX 480 ,is there a big difference in performance.I am saying if you did'nt have a Frame counter or running benchmarks ,Just playing the game can you tell a difference.Or is it like me I have run nvidia so long I just think it is the better card even tho my HD 5870's runs my games just fine.
I came from an OC'd HD5870 to a GTX 480. The GTX 480 isn't as smooth in some games, and as such I'm going to pickup another HD5870 to play with and compare. I'm not all that happy with the 480. Its water cooled as my HD5870 was but runs about 15 deg hotter on average, its summer here and my office really gets hot when that machine is running. Some games run great, others have a hitch or micro stutter to them. Nvidia's drivers really aren't all that great anymore as a lot of people experience BSODs from them. I got one from the 257.21 drivers the day I installed them. I've never had one with this card till the 257.21 came out myself, others with SLI seem to have them more often. The brightness / Contrast settings don't stick in the NV control panel, its always getting reset. In the 6 months I owned the HD5870 I never had a driver problem and I think ATIs drivers are at a level that is much better than Nvidias. Nvidias releases are sporadic and their drivers seem sloppy lately. You can report driver issues right to Terry Makedon through his twitter. The few issues I had I reported and they were fixed in the next driver. I've yet to get any response from nVidia when I reported things.

The only reason I even did it was that a buddy of mine offered me the same money I paid for the HD5870 6 months earlier. So I was able to sell it for what I paid for it 6 months later when Fermi hit the market so I upgraded for the $100 difference. In hindsight, if I could do it all over knowing what I know now I wouldn't have done it.

I'm gonna pickup another HD5870 this week so I see if the smoothness I remember was real or placebo effect.
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