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Default Direct X11 looks to be another failure(implementation wise)

Seeing E3 made me puke in disgust of the crap I saw. I am kinda disappointed how there weren't many PC games there

Not to mention it was ALL console centric. Although, E3 doesn't truly 100% reflect what we game in the next 12 months it gives a pretty good idea. I have my doubts whether Crysis will any different from DX10-DX11 despite them wanting to push the visual further.

Crytek will push the visuals but there the only company which will push it but only use a small percentage of DX11, seeing how they said the requirements will be lower.

So what do you think? Direct X11 is another failure? We still haven't seen a game that's solely programmed in DX11. No one seem to give a s*** about it.
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