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Default Re: ** Official Medal of Honor ~Beta~ Thread **

My bad, i thought that BC2 was already using Frostbite 2.0. Yes, both BC2 and Medal Of Honor are Frostbite 1.5 with Destruction 2.0. In which case... my previous post goes like this:

" Same here. It's the Frostbite 1.5 engine. We might get better usage with a better SLI profile, but it is well known that Frostbite 1.5 is CPU bound (meaning that a I7 CPU will run it silky smooth, C2Q and C2D will have minor issues with the game). Same thing as in Bad Company 2 basically! "

Originally Posted by mojoman0 View Post
Battlefield Vietnam uses an improved engine from BF1942, I think it goes by Refractor Engine.
I wasn't talking about the old Vietnam game, but the new add-on for Bad Company 2 that is called "Bad Company 2 Vietnam" and uses the same engine as BC2 (aka Frostbite 1.5).
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