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Default Re: Direct X11 looks to be another failure(implementation wise)

Part of my excitement with computers back in the day, was the intrigue of what each new generation of hardware brought to the technological table. I was intrigued at the performance each new generation brought, new implementations of AA, higher levels of AF, etc- there was so much development of new technologies that the industry was exciting.

Anymore, it is stale and old. The excitement and energy is no longer there. The interest is leaving. As are my dollars. Like Rudedog, I'm spending my money elsewhere. I'm running two 4 year old video cards and hardly a game can bring them to their knees. Crysis butchers them on very high with aa... that's about it (at least for games in my collection).

I do hope companies such as Crytek and Valve can keep pc gaming alive and well, and draw intrigue back to the platform. However, I doubt it. PC Gaming costs more than console gaming- so by gaming on the console consumer spend less money while devs make more.

Maybe the happy medium is where consoles and PCs essentially merge into one device. No more console specific gaming or PC specific gaming but one platform that essentially does it all.

Imagine if all you had to do was insert the game disc and start playing- but on your PC. Or with steam you just dl it once and off you go, no disc needed.

And imagine being able to use any controller you prefer- and it all actually work! And imagine being able to upgrade the hardware if you desire and have the funds to do so- but not NEEDING to?

That's probably what's going to happen- consoles and gaming PCs will become one and the same. There'd probably be some sacrifice of features on the strictly console side as well as the strictly PC side- but at least it'd be a happy medium.

For now, though... my money still goes elsewhere.
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