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Default Re: Direct X11 looks to be another failure(implementation wise)

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Developers are working with the lowest common denominator and guess what, its mainly PCs holding back the graphics not consoles. It's mainly the general public who doesn't spend $1K on a rig but goes to Best Buy and buys a $400 PC that the Geek Squad tells them can play games.

Developers aren't taking the time to do proper ports because the extra effort doesn't produce more sales on the PC Platform. Time and time again we see sales figures of multiplatform games just doing FAR better on consoles.

E3 was always primarly a console show, yes PC Games are shown but they never were the draw or a key aspect of the show.

I disagree considering that console exclusives also lack the visual quality im looking for in my PC games...thats the whole reason i won't purchase a console and play games on it, i would be pissing in the wind so to speak. That and i would be lost without Antialiasing. Of course games sell more on x360 you can purchase them brand new now for under 200 quid with about 5 wont ask mummy and daddy for a 1500 quid PC to play games on as they know they wont get it...well most of em dont...what they do get instead is a cheaper variant of a PC games machine...a console.
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