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Default Re: Direct X11 looks to be another failure(implementation wise)

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Developers are working with the lowest common denominator and guess what, its mainly PCs holding back the graphics not consoles. It's mainly the general public who doesn't spend $1K on a rig but goes to Best Buy and buys a $400 PC that the Geek Squad tells them can play games.

Developers aren't taking the time to do proper ports because the extra effort doesn't produce more sales on the PC Platform. Time and time again we see sales figures of multiplatform games just doing FAR better on consoles.

E3 was always primarly a console show, yes PC Games are shown but they never were the draw or a key aspect of the show.
I disagree. I think it's a combination of the low end PCs and consoles.

Let's face it- compared to modern GPUs the R500 in the Xbox 360 and the G70 series GPU in the PS3 are *very* low end in comparison to a modern GPU. Neither can hold a candle to a GTX480 and HD5970.

However, saying that low end PCs alone are the sole cause of PC gaming being where it's at is absolutely false. Many low end GPUs can play modern games- albeit at significantly decreased settings but the games are playable none the less. Any modern low-end GPU from nVidia and ATi packs pretty decent punch compared to previous gen in the same price point- this is a no brainer.

What's hurting us isn't the low end GPUs from ATi and nVidia- it's the integrated Intel GPUs. Those are horrible for gaming. Yet they are the predominant integrated GPU.

Let's look at CPUs- any multi-core CPU in a computer now days is sufficient for gaming- I was playing Crysis on my tablet PC that sported a Turion64 X2 at 2.3Ghz and had an integrated Radeon HD3200 GPU in it. Graphics had to be nearly at their lowest but the game was 100% playable. That's a mobile CPU and integrated GPU that is several years old now. A low end CPU and integrated GPU from either nVidia or ATi is more than adequate for gaming if you don't mind sacrificing IQ. Spend a little bit more money and you can up the IQ substantially.

Anyhow- I guess my main point is that you're only partially right, Intel's integrated GPUs are garbage and they are hurting PC gaming- but so is consoles. BOTH have a part to play in this. Which one has more of a part or less I don't know, no body does I'd imagine.
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