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Default Re: Direct X11 looks to be another failure(implementation wise)

Yes, and this is the problem of the open hardware market, there's no one to bring the hammer down on establishing standards. You see tons of systems with 6+ GB of ram, quad-core processors, and hapless graphics cards.

ATI/Nvidia (albeit far more Nvidia) have also not helped matters by making their product lineups incredibly fragmented and confusing. The average buyer who's not a gamer wouldn't know where to start, and chances are your BB schmoe will not be in a position to offer the best advice for price/performance.

One company could do this - have an actual advertising budget for PC gaming, a well-kept and prominent PC Gaming portal that educates consumers, etc. Of course I'm talking about MS, but they're mostly about the 360 these days so scratch that. I think it's rather foolish of them to abandon the PC as a gaming platform as much as they have though, as Sony learned just because you may have "won" the last generation of the console wars doesn't mean the next title is automatically bestowed upon you. Having at least a moderate PC gaming push is a good backup plan. It's especially clueless when you consider that Apple of all companies seems to be making a push for gaming, not only with the portable devices but Valve's recent debut on the Mac has Apple and ATI/Nvidia now pursuing more performant graphics drivers. If Apple deems its time to go for marketshare and release a headless xMac on of these days that comes with a decent GPU, and there's small but decent gaming library now on it - MS could be kicking themselves that they didn't play up PC gaming more instead of losing billions hand over fist on the Xbox project. Yeah, longshot - but there's really little risk for them to be making more of an effort here.

I'm just re-iterating that price isn't the problem of the PC, in fact it may be one of the least concerns.
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