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Default [Workaround] Fedora 12 + nvidia driver 96.43.14 = black screen and Xorg 100% cpu

I removed my video card (nVidia Quadro4 900XGL 128Mb AGP, neither legacy 96.43.16 nor 96.43.17 nvidia driver worked) and installed a more recent video card (nVidia Quadro FX 4000 256Mb AGP) that my system can handle. Rebooted using the nouveau driver, ran glxgears and received ~125 frames per second. I then installed the latest nvidia driver (kmod-nvidia-PAE.i686 1:195.36.24-1.fc12.3) from RPMFusion using the fedora forums' procedure, rebooted with no problems, ran glxgears and received ~4500 fps. Excellent! Kids can play tux racer again. Streaming video choppiness is gone.
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